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Have you ever been lost in a big city? It can be a very frightening experience. There may be no road signs telling you where to go. You may not understand the street map, even if you have one. You feel 'out of control'.

Life can be frightening, too. Often we cannot control those things that happen to us, or even the things we do ourselves. We can go through life with an empty feeling inside – it is like a pain that never really goes away, but we do not know why it is there. Our lives may also seem like a book with no ending, or a plant without water.

For each of us, life should be like a journey. We were all created to go on a life journey, to search for meaning and purpose, and to find the God who made us. Yet this is a journey that many people never start, or even think about.

Books and films

Many of the best books and films tell of a hero making a long journey to search for something. In I Am David (a book and film by Ann Holm), a boy called David escapes from a prison camp somewhere in Eastern Europe. He walks on a long journey through many countries. He does not know his family, or even what he is searching for. Yet by the end of the book he finds his mother, who has never lost hope that she will see him again.

In Stephen Spielberg's film Artificial Intelligence, the hero of the story (which happens many years in the future) is also called David. He is a robot in the shape of a boy. His journey is a search to become 'real' and find the love of a mother.*

God wants to be like a mother and father to us – maybe the loving father or mother you never knew. He understands the emptiness you have inside, and the pain of things that have happened to you, or your fear of the future. He wants to hold you and love you as his child, forever. He says**, "I will comfort you there, as a little one is comforted by its mother." You can start on that journey to find him, even today.

* More online about these films:
** You can read these words in the Bible's book called Isaiah, chapter 66, verse 13.