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Gbenga is a SOON reader from Nigeria. He tells us how his family was attacked.

"My name is Gbenga. I am from Lagos State in Nigeria. This incident happened just six weeks after we moved into our new house which my father had built. On Saturday, 16th February, at about 6:30 in the morning, my father was travelling to his home town in Ondo State. He was in his car with my elder brother, Yinka, taking him to his place of work. They had driven less than five kilometres, when they saw ahead of them a group of armed robbers.

Mistaken for policemen

Because my fatherʼs car was grey in colour, the robbers thought it was a police car with police inside wanting to ambush them. They started to shoot at the car. My father did not stop, instead he kept driving. The robbers shot the windscreen at the front. At least three bullets passed through it, but none hit my father or brother. When they got to the place where the robbers were standing, the shooting continued, this time hitting the side of the car. The glass at the side was broken into little pieces. My brother had to bend down nearly under the seat to escape the bullets.

My father went on driving very fast, but the robbers did not give up. They kept shooting, not caring about the lives of the people in the car. As my father drove away from the gunmen, the rear window was broken. Still my father did not stop.

Safe at last

They finally got away from the shooting with no-one dead or badly hurt. Making sure they were a long way from the robbers, my father stopped the car. The only injury either of them had was a cut on my brotherʼs head from the broken glass. The car was badly damaged – there were even some bullets in the car seat. I thank God for keeping my father and brother safe. If he had not, I would now be fatherless and my mother would be a widow. So now, on 16th February every year, we thank God for what he did for my family that day.