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This is a true story which happened on the Island of Fiji

The meeting stopped

The night was dark. The room was filled with people and smoke. The witch-doctor and her people were performing their magic. Suddenly a man, mad with strong drink, rushed into the room. He pushed people to the right and left, as he came to the front. The meeting stopped as the man broke some ceremonial bowls. The powerful witch-doctor pointed at the man and screamed out a curse, "You will die in three days."

Everyone was silent with fear. Hours later, the man fell sick with a fever. After two days he was near death and in terrible pain. His skin looked grey as he threw himself around on his bed.

Across the street

It was eight years later. A woman heard a voice across the crowded street of Suva, the capital city of Fiji: "Hello over there." When she saw who it was, she turned her head away. She walked on, hoping the man would not follow her. "Hello, hello," she heard him call again.

The man was crossing the street and coming towards her. She looked back – he was beside her. He looked healthy and strong, pleased to be alive. They stood facing each other – the witchdoctor and the man she had cursed.

A cup of tea

The man smiled at her as he pointed to a cafe. "Let me buy you a cup of tea."

He seemed pleased to see her. "No, no. I can't stay. I need to be going," she said.

"Then let me walk with you, I'd like to tell you something."

At last she sat down and had a cup of tea. As they talked she began to feel more peaceful. They finished their tea.

Taxi ride

She did not know why, or where she was going, but she got into a taxi with the man. The taxi went through the streets of Suva to the edge of the city. There it stopped andthey climbed out. They were standing outside a church building. They walked up to the door as the taxi drove away. "What am I doing here?" the woman thought.

She had not known where the taxi would take them, but she did not expect this place. The man looked at her. He pointed to the church. "Do you see this church here? I am the leader. Eight years ago, I was dying because of you. I asked God to help me and he let me live. Now I tell other people what I know about God. When I saw you today, I had to talk to you. I saw that you have no peace in your life. Listen carefully – there is only one God, the Creator God. You will never have peace in your life until you know him."

The man was right about her. She had never known peace. Long ago her husband and children had died. People thought she was powerful, but she had lost all the things that were important. She began to tell everything to the man, who was so different from the mad person of eight years ago. She also told him something that happened just a week before. Some people came to a place by the trees, very near to her house. They showed a film about the life of Jesus Christ. She did not go outside to watch the film, but she could see and hear it from her house. She could not get away from the message of love and hope that she heard.

It was us!

The man was very happy to hear what she said. "Let me tell you how God is showing you his love," he said. "It was a group of us from my church who showed the film."

Slowly the witch-doctor began to cry. For the first time in her life, she knew that she needed to ask forgiveness for all the wrong things she had done. It was the only way to find real peace. She knelt on the cold hard floor. The man she had tried to kill knelt with her. She asked God to forgive her and give her his love and peace. That day she stopped being a witch-doctor; now she is a follower of Jesus Christ.