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One night, when she was seven years old, Theary Seng went to sleep in her mother's arms. When she woke up, her mother had gone. Soldiers had taken her away in the night to kill her.

This happened in the 1970s, which was a terrible time in the country of Cambodia. 1.7 million people were killed by Cambodia's government, which was called the 'Khmer Rouge'.

Theary was sent to a prison camp, where she was given the job of collecting animal dung. Dead bodies of people were lying everywhere. Then she and some of her family managed to escape to Thailand, where she heard about Jesus Christ for the first time.

"I grew to love Jesus," she says. Through the help of other followers of Jesus, she slowly began to recover from the terrible things that had happened to her. "I found great comfort reading the Bible and talking to God. If I did not know Jesus in my life, I could not have forgiven those who killed my family."

Meeting the killer

Years later, Theary went back to live in Cambodia. One day, she met Khieu Samphan, who had been a leader in the Khmer Rouge government. He pretended that he knew nothing about the things which had happened in those bad years. Most people hate anyone who has made them suffer. Theary did not. She says, "I can truly say I feel no anger towards Samphan. I have forgiven him and the soldiers who did terrible things to my family. Nothing is impossible with Jesus' help."

Theary Seng has written a book: Daughter of the Killing Fields