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Samuel is a businessman living in Goa, India. Samuel liked to listen to the Christian radio station FEBA every morning before going to work.

Although he never went to any Christian meetings, he thought that the programmes were interesting. His business was doing well. Then one day, he noticed that something was wrong in the money books for the business. A small amount of money was missing. As days went by, larger amounts were going. He realised that his business partner was cheating him. Samuel was so angry he decided to kill his partner.

As he got ready to go to the manʼs house, his radio was on as usual, tuned to FEBA. Suddenly he heard these words: "In a rage of anger, we want to kill the person, but God … wants to save his life. God says: change, and forgive him, you have no right to take another's life."

Words went to my heart

"These words went to my heart," said Samuel. "I wondered how God knew of the plan to kill my partner."

After the programme ended, I went to my partner's house, and we talked about all that had happened. I forgave him and we became friends again. If I had not listened to God's words on the radio, my life would be very different."

God changed Samuelʼs life that day – he is now a follower of Jesus and has a new reason for living. FEBA broadcasts to the Indian sub-continent, Asia, and Africa – programme listings: