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This is what happened to a Saerae, a SOON reader born in China

"I have been in prison in Thailand for more than twelve years, serving a life sentence for drug trafficking. I was born and brought up in China and am now 43 years old.

For hundreds of years, my family worshipped images of gods, but I was not interested in their religion. I only wanted to make money in any way I could. This meant I did many things that I now know were very wrong. I think I did everything except murder someone.


In prison I began to have nightmares. I hated the people around me, blaming everyone else for what was happening to me. I thought the only way I could get free from all this was to kill myself. The prison psychiatrist saw me and tried to help, but my mind was no better. At this time I knew nothing about God or Jesus Christ.

Then one of my fellow prisoners told me about the God who made us and loves us. He told me to tell my problems to Jesus Christ. I replied, 'Who is this Jesus Christ and what can he do for me? Somebody who died two thousand years ago can have nothing to tell me in my life now.'

But my fellow prisoner was very patient with me. He explained how Jesus came into the world to pay the price for all our wrong doing (sin). He died as the punishment for our sin and all our feelings of shame. After three days he came back to life. This showed he was much stronger than death. Now he is alive for ever and can help us with every problem if we ask him. At last I agreed to ask Jesus to help me, but it was just to make my friend happy.

Getting answers

Suddenly I began to get answers to my difficult problems. I realised that I was a bad man compared to Jesus who died to pay the price for my sins. He made himself the sacrifice, even for people like me. Although I have not long believed this good news about Jesus Christ, Iʼll never leave this new way of life. I will never exchange it for all the riches in the world.