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My name is Wilson. I am a SOON reader from Nigeria and the fifth child in our family.

Ever since I was born, God has been good to me, but I want to tell you about a special time when he saved us from robbers who carried guns. It happened one night when I was 14 years old and we lived in a block with 10 rooms. These were built on either side of a passage – a whole family lived in each room. Ours was in the middle of the block.

We heard guns

One night, when we were all asleep, we woke suddenly to the sound of gun-fire. Doors were being broken down and we could hear men shouting at the people in the block opposite ours. They had begun at the first building in our street and were working their way along, entering each room in each block. Soon it was the turn of our block. They broke down the door at the entrance to the block, hitting it with their guns. They went from room to room, taking people's money and belongings. Everywhere they went, they threatened people with their guns. Everyone was very frightened.

No money

We too were very afraid as we heard the robbers coming nearer and nearer to our room. We knew they would be very angry with us because we had no money they could take. We were sure they would destroy our belongings and beat us up, maybe even kill us. Everyone in our family prayed to God that he would save us.

But here is the wonderful thing God did for us – he made the robbers blind, as they came to our door so that they passed it without stopping. It was as though, for them, the door was not there.

Only one robber stopped. He tried to break the door, but the bolt held firm and the door stayed shut. He too went away. It was the only one of all the rooms that the robbers did not enter that night.

God saved us from harm, perhaps even death. He answered all our prayers as we sat in our room afraid for our lives.