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"My name is Itoro. I am a SOON reader from Nigeria, the first-born child in our family. Even before I was born, our parents were always fighting. My father treated my mother badly and he would not give her money for food or pay our school fees. As a little boy I did not know that my father and many of our people were practising witchcraft. Terrible things happened because of this. It caused great trouble for my mother.

Turned out

My parents' marriage came to an end when my father forced my mother to leave our apartment. It was she who always paid our rent with her hard-earned money. Our father was the head of the house, but we lived on the money my mother earned. He gave us none of his money – instead he spent it on women and strong drink. After my mother was turned out of our home, she came secretly to give us money for food and clothes. Our father did not care for us at all.

Forced into witchcraft

After a very short time my father moved us to his village where my grandmother (his mother) lived. Together, they taught us how to practise witchcraft. Their aim was to destroy my mother. To achieve this, we (my brothers and sisters and I) had to go and stay with our mother. We got to the time when we were to kill her, but God was with her because she believed and trusted him. That very day we went with her to a Christian meeting. There we felt we must tell her what we were planning to do – we confessed our evil plans to her. In our area, where witchcraft is practised, people believe that the day you open your mouth and confess your evil doings, you die. Knowingthis made me very afraid when we confessed to our mother. But God was with us too. We did not die.

Stronger than witchcraft

Through all this, I came to know Jesus as my best friend. We spent three days talking to God, going without food at the same time, and God set us free from the power of witchcraft in our lives. God showed us that he is stronger than witchcraft and evil. He sent Jesus Christ into the world to defeat the power that evil can have in our lives. When Jesus died and came alive again from death, he won a victory over Satan, the evil one, and all his evil powers. We can be free from these powers by asking Jesus to set us free to follow him. Since that time I have used internet chat rooms to help people around the world. I tell them about God and all he has done for them through his son Jesus – how they can know him and find freedom from evil."