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Leah lives in East Africa. She began to feel that there was something missing in her life. So she started to talk to God and ask if her religion was the truth. Soon after this, she began to have strange dreams.

The place I was standing was really horrible

"In one of these dreams, I saw some followers of Jesus standing in a line to get into heaven. I tried to get into this line also, but a very tall person blocked my path. I started to cry because the place where I was standing was really horrible but the place where they stood was beautiful – so beautiful, so blue."

Leah could not understand the dream, and became sad, even wanting to kill herself. Instead of keeping these feelings to herself, she did the right thing and told her best friend about it. Although her friend had no belief in any religion, she had recently met some followers of Jesus, and told Leah to go and see them.

The heaviness was taken away

"They prayed for me, and that terrible emptiness began to lift, and the heaviness I felt inside was taken away. I started visiting a Christian meeting with these people. The second time I went, the leader of the meeting explained how to trust Jesus. But I felt as though I was torn inside, and was fighting this idea. I went out from the meeting and fell down crying on the path. It seemed that God was saying to me, 'It is now or never'."

So Leah went back to the meeting, and asked God to accept her, because Jesus had died for her.