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Salima was not the prettiest girl in the village. In fact, she was plain and skinny. She was also shy and she walked with her shoulders hunched and her head down, looking at the ground. She was older than many of the girls who were already married. Surely she would only be worth a small bride price!

Worth so much?

Then along came Daoud's family from a far village. A marriage was arranged. What surprised everyone in her village was this: the bride price that Daoud paid was five cows. No-one expected a price of more than one cow for such a plain, shy girl who was almost too old to marry! Even the top bride price was usually only three cows. Was it a mistake? Had Daoud's family been tricked?

Worth more than any of the others

A month later, Salima's younger sister made the long journey to visit Salima's new village. She could not believe her eyes. Salima looked beautiful and confident. Her sister asked Daoud how this had happened. "I wanted to give my love to a five-cow wife," he said. "So I treated her as a five-cow wife, and now she believes she is a five-cow wife – worth more than any other woman in my village. She is like a jewel."

He paid a very high price

In the same way, God loves us so much that he has paid a very high price for each of us – his own life blood. Each one of us is precious and special to him. His love for us can change our lives, and the way we think about ourselves.