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True stories

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My name is Nemoomsa Yadeta. I am an Ethiopian. I was a school teacher for more than twenty years, but now I work in an office. I met my wife when we both began teaching in the same school. When we were first married we loved each other very much. We had three children, but as time went on, our marriage was not going well. After nine years, my wife left me. Our marriage ended with a divorce. I was left with the three children. It was not easy for me to bring up three children, but God helped me.

Married again

Six years after divorcing my first wife, I married again. My second wife was very good in every way, but sadly, she died. This made my life even harder to bear. I felt as though I was carrying a very heavy load on my back. During these difficult years, I thanked God every day, even when things were not going well for me. One time he helped me to build my house again when it was demolished. I knew God was with me and was helping me.

Never give up hope

Now all my children have grown up. I do not have such a heavy load, but I have learned that even if we face many problems, we must never give up hope. When we ask God to be our friend and thank him every day, he will help us with the problems and heavy loads we have in life.