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True stories

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Joe is a SOON readers from the North-Western Province of Zambia. Here's his story:

One day, when I was young, my mother took me with her to the river. While she did the washing, I played in the water. Suddenly a big rock rolled into the water and hit me. As I fell, the rock and the water pushed me under another big rock.

I was trapped. I could not move or even shout. My mother was busy doing the washing and thought I was playing happily in the water.

Nobody came

When she finished the washing, my mother called me, as it was time to go home. But she could not see me in the river or playing nearby.

Desperately, she looked for me. She called for help, but the village was too far away from the river for anyone to hear her. So nobody came. She thought, "I must run back to the village and get help."

At that moment she heard a voice which said, "Your son is not dead. God does not want to take his life now. Look under that big rock and you will find your son alive."

My mother did as the voice said and looked under the rock. She found me, unable to move, but safe. Quickly she pulled me out. I was not badly hurt and, best of all, I was safe. We went home and I told everybody how God saved my life.


Being set free

The wrong things we do and say (sins) are like the rock that Joe was trapped under. We are caught by them and we cannot free ourselves. But God has made the way to freedom. Jesus Christ took the punishment for all our sin. He wants us to say 'sorry' for all the wrong we have done, so we can be set free from the trap of sin and shame.