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Praveen comes from Uttar Pradesh State, India. He tells his story:

Soon after I finished my Class 12 exams, I felt very ill. The doctors did not know what was wrong with me. They gave me medicines but these did not make me well.

This went on for many months. Then a doctor said he thought I may have cancer. This made me very sad and afraid. Maybe I would die. But I was only twenty years old – I had seen nothing of life.

He touched me

One night I was asleep when a dim light woke me up. As I opened my eyes, I saw a man standing at the right side of my bed.

Somehow I knew he was Jesus Christ. I rubbed my eyes to be sure I could see well. I could also smell something – a beautiful perfume. This man, Jesus, touched my arm and said to me, "Doctors do not know what is wrong with you, but you will be healed."

His touch was not like the touch of any human being. The very next day, I was a lot better. Before a week was over, I was completely well. I told the doctor about what happened to me, but he said to me, "I do not understand why, when the medicine was not working for months, you are well in a week. It is as if God himself has come down to earth to heal you."

But I knew that was really what happened.