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This is a true story from Catherine, who lives in the UK. She found that God does hear and answer us when we talk to him and bring our problems to him. She learned that it can take a long time. Sometimes God wants to teach us to wait and be patient.

This story began over 40 years ago in September 1962, when my twin sister Liz and I were just 10 days old. We were adopted by a wonderful couple who brought us up. We always knew we were adopted because our new parents told us when we were very young. As we grew up, we used to wonder what our birth mother looked like.

We were two black girls with a mother and father who were white! Most people in our village were white people too. But we did not want our mother who had adopted us to know we were thinking about our birth mother. Perhaps she might think we did not love her. So we said nothing to her about this until many years later.

First steps

One day in 1989, Liz and I were wondering what our birth mother looked like. Did we look like her? We did not feel we belonged with the white people as we looked so different, but we did not belong to the black people in our village either. We dreamed of the day we could talk with our birth mother. Then came the moment when we took the first step towards finding her. We were given a social worker to help us. The first thing she did was to show us how to answer questions on some papers, that would help find out who our birth mother was.

In the Seychelles

It seemed to us like a very long time before the social worker saw us again. She had a report for us. It explained when and why we were adopted, and that our birth mother had returned home to the Seychelles. She had other children there. Then … no more news for a number of years.

Too difficult

One day my sister said, "Let's contact the Seychelles Embassy and ask if they can help us find our birth mother." But every year for three years, a letter came from the Embassy telling us, "No news about your mother." We even tried writing to two television shows that bring people together. We were told our case was 'too difficult'.

In January 2007, I was talking to a friend. She told me that since 1989 new laws in the UK meant that we could choose to find and meet our birth mother. We wrote again to the organisation which had found us our adoptive parents. We met another social worker called Emma, from this organisation. She was the same one who wrote the report we had seen back in 1989!

Emma asked us to write about ourselves. This paper was given to our birth mother. Even then we did not know if we could ever speak to her. It could make problems for her with her family in the Seychelles.

More waiting

So, more waiting. We thought, "After twenty years, what is a few more months?"

Then came a phone call from Emma. She told us that she had found where our birth motherwas living in the Seychelles and she had written to Emma by email. Liz and I did not know what to say. We both held our breath, not daring to speak so we did not miss anything Emma was telling us. She told us that our birth mother wrote that she was a 'frail 76-year-old' and had been praying for this moment for many years. Now she could contact her 'girls' whom she had not seen since the day we were born. We were able to email our birth mother. We told her we did not feel badly towards her. This specialmoment had come because we believed God could make our dreams come true.

What next?

She gave us her telephone number and we were able to hear her voice for the first time ever. Soon, we travelled to Seychelles for a wonderful meeting with our mother. So, we learned that God does hear and answer us when we talk to him. He will make our dreams come true.