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Hatse, from Ethiopia, remembers a time when there was fighting in his area.

Bullets were all around me

This story happened to me in 1994. The Ethiopian fighters (EPRDF) and an opposition group (OLF) were fighting each other. On that day, they were close to my home.Bullets were being fired around me. I did not know where to hide, so that I could feel safe. So I prayed (talked to God). At once, someone shouted to me, "Move away at once to your left, keep down low on the ground." I quickly did what he said. Five minutes later, the place where I had been was bombarded with many bullets. I know that if I had not moved, I would have been killed. It was such a terrible time for me that I can remember it well, even today. I know it was God who kept me safe.


Salome from Nigeria had a different kind of enemy

I was saved from a snake

One day I went to get fresh peppers from my grandmother's garden. As I came to her garden, I heard some big birds. They were running away from something. But when I looked around me, I could not see anything that could have frightened them. I began to pick the peppers. Suddenly I looked behind me and there, on the ground, was a very big brown snake. I had never seen a snake before. I was more afraid than I had ever been in my life. I looked up, down and behind me for someone to help, but there was no-one there. As I looked up again, I remembered God could help me. I called out to him. At once the snake turned and went into the bushes. God rescued me from the snake that day and took away my fear.


Grace from Ghana knows that God saved her life when a bus nearly hit her.

The bus hit a wall

I was on my way home one evening when I saw a bus being driven carelessly. It was going all over the road. Suddenly it came towards me. I had no time to move. I knew the bus would hit me and I would die. A few minutes later I thought I must be in heaven, but I realised I was still alive. I was lying in a dry gutter by the side of the road. People told me that the bus had driven where I was walking and gone over the gutter. It ended up crashing into the wall of a house. I did not know what to do. I could not stand up on my own. Then someone I knew came. It was Kofi , our hair-dresser. He was on his way home from work with a friend. Together they held my arms and took me to the hospital. I had a broken bone in my leg – but there was nothing else wrong with me and I did not have much pain in my leg then or later while it was healing. God did something wonderful for me that day. He saved me from death – I will never know how the bus did not kill me. Now I am well and thankful to God for saving my life.