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Florence comes from a poor family in Soroti, Uganda. This is her story.

Born into a poor family

I was born into a very poor family of eight children. I am the eldest. When things became too hard for us in our home. I began to think that my life had no meaning.

Then one day my uncle came and took me to live with him and his wife. I was very happy, as I thought that at last I would have a better life. I did not know then what it would be like for me there. My uncle's wife did not think of me as her child, and she made my life so hard that I cried out to God to let me die.

One day my friend came and asked me to go with her to a Christian meeting. There I heard these words, "No matter what you are going through, God has not forgotten you. Learn to forgive those who hurt you."

I would never forgive

I had told myself I would never forgive my parents for being poor, or my uncle and his wife for the way they were treating me. But that day God showed me that I must forgive them all! The words I heard from the speaker at the meeting seemed to be just for me. I realised that I had wrong thoughts about my family.

I needed God to forgive me, and then I could forgive them too. That night I went down on my knees and cried out to God. I know he has forgiven me and that he will always be a loving friend and helper to me.