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This is a true story about a young man called Abbey who lives in Nigeria.

Abbey lived with his parents, who gave him all he needed as he grew up. He said, "I have no problems because my parents can give me everything I want. Life is good for me."

He did not spend time with friends because he thought his parents were all that he needed.

A bad accident

Then one terrible day, Abbey was travelling with his family to the next town. There was a bad car accident. Abbey's parents were killed.

When he was told that his parents were both dead, Abbey said, "I am finished." He thought, "Without my parents to help me, I cannot have a good life."

Soon he had spent all the money that his parents had left in the bank and he began to beg on the streets. He was a sad and lonely man because he had lost all that he believed in.

One day, he met a Christian man called Solomon, who said to Abbey, "You will not beg for food any more, if you believe."

"Believe who?" asked Abbey.

Solomon replied, "If you believe in Jesus Christ, who saved you in the terrible accident. Your parents could not help you then. They died."

A light came on

As soon as Abbey heard these words it was as though a light came on in his mind. He said in a loud voice, "I believe in Jesus Christ!"

This changed his whole life around. He found a job and no longer needed to beg for money. He married and soon had two children. His life of sorrow became a life of joy. He had a new friend and helper, Jesus Christ.

It is a mistake to think that people alone can give us answers to the problems of life. Also, we must not think that our problems are so big that there are no answers! God wants us to bring our problems to him and believe (trust) him to help us, even with our biggest problems. A man called Peter wrote (in the Bible), "Leave all your worries (problems) with him (God), because he cares for you."*

Have you asked God to help you with your problems? You can talk to him (pray) at any time. He is always ready to listen.

* You will find these words in the book in the New Testament part of the Bible called First Peter, chapter 5, verse 7.