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Moksha Nandam was born in Chennai, India. He is the only son of his parents and has two sisters. From his school days, he used to act in plays. This was what he liked doing best of all.

One day, when I was a student, a film director saw me acting. To my surprise, he came to my house and said to my father, "I want your son to act in my film." My parents were very happy about this. After my first film, I was asked to act in other films.

He shouted my name

I earned a lot of money. I was able to go to parties and drink a lot of strong drink. Soon I was addicted to drinking. I began to do many other bad things, especially wrong sex. At this time I got married and had a son and two daughters. Because of my drinking, I spent most of my time with my friends and other women, but very little with my family. One day I was in a park where a Christian meeting was taking place. Suddenly the speaker said in a loud voice, "Moksha Nandam, come to God, he will forgive you."

He shouted this out three times. My friends who were with me said, "He is calling your name. Why don't you go?"

I lied and said, "That is not my real name. I have changed it for the films. Christians are calling any name which comes into their minds."

That night I told my wife. It made her think that God could do something to change me. But I thought no more about it.

Your husband will change

Some time after this, a Christian came to our house and told my wife, "God will change your husband. Talk to God and ask him to change your husband."

These words stayed in my wife's mind. She started to go to Christian meetings with my parents and my children. She wanted to know this God who could change lives. At the meetings, they heard that God would give them peace and joy in their lives.

One day a famous film director asked me to be in a film that would be made in Switzerland, Europe. I was pleased to leave my family in India and I went to Switzerland. Just one day before I was to return to India, I was travelling in a truck. There was a big accident. I was so badly hurt I was in a coma. When my family were told what had happened, they sold their house to pay the hospital fees. The doctors could not bring me out of the coma, so I was flown back to India. I was in the coma for 14 months.

Then one day my family and some Christian friends came to the hospital. They asked God to heal me. That very night I returned to consciousness. The doctors could not understand what had happened. They did tests which showed that the blood flow in my head was normal.

I must earn money

My wife was so happy that God had done a miracle, but I did not accept that God had done it. All our money had gone to pay the hospital fees, so when I was well again, I looked for work. But no director would give me work in films. They thought that I might be mad because of the accident and long coma. I thought, "I must go to another country to earn money."

One day a friend sent me all the papers I needed to work in a company in America. I left my family with no money. I had just enough to get a ticket as far as Rome in Italy. There I found I could not get a flight to America. All I could do was try to book another flight back to India.

While I was waiting for a flight, I thought about my life: how so many things had gone wrong and I had spoiled my family's life. I felt very bad inside. "I cannot go back to India. I am so ashamed," I thought. I decided to kill myself.

I wanted to die

I was sharing a room with a man called Krishna. I wrote letters to my family and put them in Krishna's bag. Then I put electrical wires in the bath tub, planning to die from an electric shock. As I went to the bath room, I was shaking all over. I tried to open the door, but it would not move. Suddenly someone knocked on the door of our room very loudly.

A man was there whom I did not know. He told me God had told him that he was to come and rescue me. I cried and cried. The man, who had come at just the right time, showed me God's love. He even helped me to return to India. God was good to me, but I still would not believe it was God. I went back to my bad ways. I got work with films, but not as an actor. I worked in an office. One day I began to feel pain in my back. By the next day a very big lump had grown on my back. The pain was so bad I began to scream, but I could not go to the hospital because we did not have enough money.

My wife brought some of her Christian friends to our house to ask God to heal me. I could not even look at them because they came with God's love and I just hated them for this.

I saw a bright light

Then a doctor friend operated on me to take away the lump. When I woke up after the operation, I saw a bright light and someone wearing white clothes. He called to me and said, "I have known you since before you were born. From now on you must follow God's ways."

I began to shout very loudly and my wife came to comfort me. It was at this moment that I realised that it was God who had been speaking to me all this time. My wife showed me love when I had only hate. This love could not be human love, it must come from God. I began to say sorry to God for all my wrong doings (sin). I cried and asked my wife to forgive me too. My life had been very bad. All I knew was unhappiness and shame.

But God helped me to change and leave my bad ways. I began to live a happy life with my family. Now I follow God's ways and serve him by helping other people.