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Nelson is a student from Songea, Tanzania

Every year in June and December, we have two long holidays when students go home to get their school fees. When our school closed in June 2007, 30 of us students  began our journey together on a bus which had the name 'Time will tell'. We were travelling to Songea town.

The bus slid backwards

We had completed about half of the journey and reached Kaleo Mountain. The bus had driven a little way up the side of the mountain, when it began to slide backwards down the road. All the students were shocked. "Help us, God!" I called out.

But even though the driver was very experienced, he could not control the bus. Suddenly it turned over twice. We were all so shocked that for a minute, no-one spoke or even screamed. Then many people came to help those who were hurt, and another bus took them to a hospital for treatment. I was the only one who was not hurt. I thanked God for keeping me safe in the accident.

The dream

Three days later I had a dream. I saw a man who told me, "I heard you asking for help and I answered you. Now I want you to follow me."

I woke up and thought for a moment. Then I realised it was Jesus Christ who had spoken to me. I told my parents about my dream. They replied, "Do what Jesus has said to you. Talk to him [pray] and go to Christian meetings to learn more about him."

I did what they said to me. My life is now so much better. I could have been killed when the bus rolled over but instead, God saved me. Now I have a new friend, Jesus Christ, who is always with me.