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Mohammed's family and neighbours all reared cows. He started to look after these animals when he was only six years old. He was the youngest in the family, so he had to get up in the morning before everyone else. His first job was to start the fire which kept the flies off the cows. Then he would milk the cows and take them to find good grass for the day.

As he grew up, Mohammed followed his family's religion and customs. He wanted to obey and please his father in everything he did. Mohammed went to school to learn about his religion and to be able to read and write. When he was 22 years old, Mohammed wanted to go to another country to study more about his religion. "Stay at home," his father told him, "until I find enough money for you to go."


He did stay and looked after the cows. After a year he began to have dreams. The first dream made him very afraid. Men wearing black clothes chased him with sticks. He began screaming and woke up. He did not tell his father about the dream. The next night he had another dream. At first this too made him very afraid, but at the end of the dream, a man in white clothes came to help him and took him home. The man said, "I love you, my son." When he woke up he found he was not afraid any more. He wondered, "Who was that man wearing white clothes?"

They will stop

This time Mohammed told the dream to his father, who took him to the healing man. Mohammed was given medicines to take before he went to sleep. "If you use these medicines, the dreams will stop and never return," the healing man said. Two weeks later, Mohammed began to have dreams again. In every dream he was in a place where there was great danger – deep pits or fierce lions. Each time the man wearing white came and helped him. In the last dream Mohammed was sitting under a tree reading books that he did not understand. The man wearing white came to him and asked him what he was doing. "I am trying to learn," Mohammed said. The man in white asked, "Would you like me to help you?" "Yes, I would like that," Mohammed answered. "This book has words from God which will help you," said the man wearing white. "Here it says*, 'Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads and I will give you rest.'" The man dressed in white clothes told Mohammed that he was Jesus Christ. He had come to bring peace to Mohammed's mind and show him how he could be in heaven one day. Mohammed decided to become a follower of Jesus.

His father tried to kill him

Mohammed's father was very angry when he heard that his son was now a follower of Jesus. Two days later he tried to kill him. "Surround my son so that he cannot escape," Mohammed's father shouted to the men of the village. Then he ordered his son, "You can't escape. Drink this." "I will drink it, but will you let me pray (talk to God) first?" "Get on with it then," said Mohammed's father. Mohammed prayed, then drank the drink which had poison in it. He went to bed. The next morning, Mohammed was still alive! Later his family tried to kill him with a poisonous arrow. He was in hospital for a month, but he did not die.

Can you promise heaven?

His family tried many ways to make him stop following Jesus. His father gave him 100 cows and said he would give him three wives. Mohammed thanked his father, but said, "If I do as you ask, will you give me the one thing I really want and need? Will you promise me that one day I will have life forever with God in heaven?" Mohamed's father had to say he could not promise that, so Mohammed said, "Then there is no way I can stop following Jesus Christ." A few years later, Mohammed's father was dying. He asked Mohammed to forgive him for all the harm he had tried to do to him. He said, "I am ready to ask Jesus to forgive me, too." His father asked Jesus to forgive all his sin and be the Lord of his life. Three hours later he died. Mohammed was sad that his father had died, but happy that he knew his father was now in heaven with Jesus. One day he will see him again when he too is in heaven.

* You can find these words in the New Testament part of the Bible, also called The Injil. It is in the book called Matthew: chapter 11, verse 28.

This true story is told on the More Than Dreams film. Watch Mohammed's story online as a video: