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K.A. is a SOON readers from Eritrea in north east Africa. Here is his story:

About two years ago I went to an internet cafe to see if I had any email messages. I found a website on the computer that told me I could get money, good luck and love. I thought, "This looks good," so I typed in my name to find out more. When I next looked at my emails, I was surprised to find messages from someone I did not know. He told me many things about myself that were true! There was also a message about using spirits to look into the future. This is called 'clairvoyance'.

It seemed good

I read eagerly, believing every message. It seemed very good. I wanted lots of money, good luck, and love – all that the clairvoyant person on the website was promising. Then he asked me to pay some money. As I could not pay, I thought, "I must stop writing messages to him." However, he still sent me many emailssaying things like, "Act today." "You are in danger." "Your star is shining."

These messages filled me with fear and I could not stop thinking about them. Day and night I worried. I felt as though I was a prisoner, unable to rule my own life. The emails told me what I should do, and where I should go. One day I read one of the many messages. It said this, "Do the things I say. I will make you a different person. Try to empty your mind, go to the cinema, enjoy sex." I remembered how I learned as a child that sex outside of marriage is very wrong. This made me so mixed up in my mind that I became ill. I visited doctors, but none of them could find out why I was ill. They told me, "Good news! You have nothing wrong with you." But I continued to suffer in my mind and body.

I felt empty

One day I decided to find out if the things I learned as a child were true. I talked with one of my friends. He gave me a Bible and began to teach me what it says. I tried to believe that God is real, but something was stopping me. Instead of getting near to God, I looked for peace in my mind by going to the cinema to see bad films or visiting bars for strong drink – things I normally do not like. I felt that something outside of me was making me do things that I hate.

One evening, when I was alone at home, I suddenly began to cry and cry. My tears wet my whole face until I was too tired to cry any more. I called out to God to set me free fromall this trouble, and forgive me because I was a bad person. It was as though I had been living in a very dark place and now I wanted to be in thelight with Jesus.

A new start

No-one told me to stop communicating with this clairvoyant, but I came to see that it was bad. It was spoiling my whole life and making me ill. I closed down my email address and nowI have a new one. It was the only way I could turn away from my dark past. At once I was free from my illness and was full of joy from God. He has shown me that he is the only one who can give me peace in my mind.

What is clairvoyance?

'Clairvoyance' is the power to see into the future and communicate with the spirit world. This power does not come from God, but from bad spirits. K.A. learned that being guided by a clairvoyant person made him ill in his mind and body. This is true when we try to use bad spirits to make us happy or to answer our problems. The Bible tells us that we must have nothing to do with spirits. But sometimes it is hard for us to know if these are bad spirits or not.

For K.A. two things happened that showed he had made a big mistake in following the clairvoyant's emails:

1) The clairvoyant asked for money. We must never trust people who ask for money to pay for good to happen to us. God never asks us to give him money to payfor the good things he does in our lives. All that God gives us is free.

2) The clairvoyant told K.A. to do something he knew was bad (have wrong sex). God never tells us to do anything that is wrong and that does not agree with what is written in the Bible.

God wants to set us free from the power of bad spirits. We can begin by asking him to forgive us for following these spirits. If we have books or anything about bad spirits, we need to burn them. K.A. changed his email address, this meant that the clairvoyant could not send him any more emails. He had a new address and a new start to his life.